Retiree Billing & Consolidated Billing

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Retiree & Direct Billing Administration

Eagles, Benefits By Design will administer every step when you have an employee who is continuing their health or other benefits on a self-pay basis.

  • Notification
  • Enrollment
  • Collection and remittance of premiums
  • Eligibility processing
  • Timely terminations
  • Reports to Employer or insurance carrier

Our web based solution allows employers and participants to access their information 24/7. Our call center is also open Monday thru Friday to help participants with all of their questions and guide them through the process.

Consolidated Billing & Eligibility


Eagles, Benefits By Design billing services provide our clients with a comprehensive and efficient solution for managing insurance carrier premiums. Our clients receive one audited, accurate and consolidated premium billing statement for payment on a monthly basis.

Premium Billing Administration and Reconciliation solution includes:

  • Calculation of actual premium due based on enrollment information and adjustments
  • Monitoring of premium credits for retroactive adjustments
  • Timely dissemination of payment to all insurance carriers
  • Production of one consolidated premium billing statement for the client